Free Range Eggs, they sound so good. Farm fresh, happy chickens producing fresh eggs just like they use to.

free range chicken

Well, it seems nothing could not be further from the truth. Consumer advocate group Choice is calling on all shoppers to boycott supermarkets that stock these products.

State and Federal consumer affairs ministers recently introduced a national information standard (late 2016)¬†that allows farmers to label their eggs as free range if they have no more than 10,000 hens per hectare. While that sounds like a big open space, the size of a rugby field, it’s not. It also doesn’t mean they’re running around a field, in fact they may be enclosed inside a shed of this size.

The CSIRO recommends that free range should only be allocated to farmers who run no more than 1,500 hens per hectare.

Overall, this is misleading for consumers, together with high prices on these products, people are being ripped off and not getting what they think they’re buying.

Choice provides a free range eggs buying guide and where to buy around Australia.

Fortunately, we have free range organic eggs available to use. You can search the Gold Coast Organics website to find a local provider of these eggs. You know what you’re getting and the difference is very noticeable.

Typically, free range organic eggs area bright yellow colour when cracked, unlike the deep orange colour of supermarket shelf eggs and the shell is often thin and easy to crack.

Enjoy fresh eggs!

Credit to SBS for the article.