More grocery items added to the store

We've added some new grocery items to our store over the last couple of weeks that you can add to your order. All certified organic! View our range or click on an image to view the product.

AYAM Coconut MilkAYAM Coconut CreamNapoletana SauceSpelt FettuccineSpelt SpaghettiExtra Virgin Olive Oil 

AYAM coconut milk and AYAM coconut cream are the creamiest coconut milk and cream we've come across. Incredibly delicious and goes perfectly in curries.

Absolute Organic Napoletana Pasta Sauce is a favourite sauce base for a quick and easy meal. Cook up some L'Abruzzese Spelt Spaghetti or L'Abruzzese Spelt Fettuccine, add some chopped veggies from our produce boxes (lightly fried in Absolute Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil), and you've got yourself a delicious meal. 

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